Bruisbal | Witte roos

WHITE ROSE BATH BOMB: Do you need dopamine and serotonin? So don’t choose anything other than our White Rose Bath Ball! The scent of white rose, which lifts your spirits, makes you forget all your worries.

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BATH BALLS: The bath ball, or bath bomb, is creating a new trend worldwide that makes your bathing pleasure even more enjoyable. Spherical bath bombs give their color to the water and also provide a relaxing effect thanks to the rich minerals they contain.

RELAXATION: The bath bomb creates a wonderful feeling in the bathroom. Sea salt and carbonate in its content provide a deep cleansing with the peeling effect it creates on the skin.

CARE FOR YOUR SKIN: It softens the thickened skin texture and gives the skin a baby-soft look. Nourishing vegetable oils intensively pamper the skin without drying it out.


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